Comic Book Grading


Get your comics graded fast and efficiently.

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CGS comic grading service. If you would like to see more information on our comic grading service CLICK HERE.

Comic grading can be a tedious process that seems to take an eternity. Sometimes you could even be expected to pay a premium in the form of a percentage of the perceived value or a membership fee. We have eliminated that for your savings and convenience. We also include your comics into a detailed database which is searchable on this site. Our slabs are acid free and have 99% protection against UV light. We also add security measures to help prevent counterfeiting.

It is your sole responsibility to send your items in a way that will protect them from any type of damage. Make sure the package you send has the return address that matches your order address. Typically, (this could vary a little with high volume) it takes 1 business day to process up to 25 comics. This starts the day after the comics have arrived. You will get a tracking number sent to your email once your order is shipped back to you. Be sure not to send more comics than have been paid for.

After you have paid send the comics to:


4833 Cleveland ave

Kansas City, KS 66104


If you need shipping outside of the continental United States (48 states) contact us for shipping information.

Send us an email if you would like to add more insurance than $50 for your return. Adding $1,000 of insurance should cost about $15. The maximum allowed is $5,000. If you are choosing $500 or more of insurance you may be required to show an ID and sign for the package.